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What Jesus Would NOT Do

This Easter is a good time for looking at our world today and discuss what Jesus would NOT do in our modern day.  Just as Jesus went out into the wilderness for 40 days, it starts with each of us looking at ourselves and what we are doing. 
Satisfaction is built over time in within one’s soul, by the choices made daily.  This creates personal legacy of peace, comfort, knowledge, and a life well lived.  From my perspective, this occurs while thinking on what Jesus would NOT do.   Too much time today is spent on self-serving interest.  And I can say without a doubt, Jesus’ interest is not self-serving.  The Bible is not made up stories, as many think in our modern times.  Yes, your heart and soul must be open to receive Him.  Isn’t this also true in developing a truly loving relationship?  How else can you learn and mature?  People are not computers, although we build them.  Some improve our lives and some destroy us.  When two are more people are involved, it takes time to build a relationship.  How can you learn to move through relationship struggles if spending little time in getting to know someone? Someone who cares about you. Someone who can help you understand your life purpose.  Nothing else can bring a greater satisfaction than its completion.  How can you learn what true love means, without the opportunity for him to show you on a personal level?  No one goes to work expecting to be paid without putting in the work.  How can you expect to know Jesus without spending time with Him?  I will be the first to admit, because most feel unprepared, initially scared what this mean for life, and what will change.  Being transformed by the renewing of our minds overtime is a comfortable transition.  When the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) does the work from within, the external actions happen naturally.  Forcing change does not come from God in my opinion.  This manipulation is typically for the interest of others.  Jesus would NOT force his disciples into doing things, even when walking alone to his death, all the while knowing of his resurrection.  He gave them time to see and learn for themselves.   

And, really it is not that difficult.  If there is one person you can be honest with in this world, it is Him.  In past generations, they would sing, “Have a little talk with Jesus makes it right”.   But if you are expecting quick results, like playing the Lottery, typically it does not work this way.  If seeking understanding from Him, you will find it.  Answers for some people are relatively quick, and others it may be an extended period of time.  This relationship is built within the time each of us requires to gain understanding of the meaning of this bond, in my opinion.  Even Jesus needed to spend time learning about his Father in order to build a relationship.
Stand Against Intimidation Tactics.

So what would Jesus NOT do? 

Jesus would not stand by and watch others be hurt.  In his time they were going to stone a women for adultery, and today in my opinion it is the same story.  Everyone has made mistakes.  Each one of us can learn from them, and find forgiveness for ourselves and others.

Jesus would not stand by and allow others to go hungry.  Children go to school hungry in one of the richest countries (USA) here on earth.  When a society does not see value in their children, in my opinion, it has lost the vision for their future.  And statistic are seeing this today.  The United States is making significant losses in student rankings.

Jesus would not stand by and allow the Civil Rights of people to be violated.   Treating others like you want to be treated is no longer the golden rule.  Somehow, there has been a societal shift to God helps those who help themselves, and my brother’s keeper has been dropped.  From my perspective, when we drop our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, even mothers and fathers, our care and concern for others will not be the same.  Which in turn, society moves away from love to sociopathic behaviors. 

Jesus would NOT stand by and allow money to be the main focus in life.  Do we need money to live today?  Absolutely.  But people cannot live by money alone, because it may nourish the body, keep you clothed, and housed, but an empty soul with all of these things, means nothing.  Everything starts from within.  Otherwise, people possessing all the material things one could ever want would be content with their lives.  Yet, having peace with very little, is better than everything, with no focus, an empty soul, and no awareness of what a relationship with Jesus truly means.

Jesus would Not stand by and let society change for the worse.  Jesus is a soldier in the army of the Lord.  Contrary to popular belief.  He fought daily for what He believes in which is what his Father taught him.  Things He believed were worth dying for and this is you.  He died so that no matter when or where you lived, an open mind and heart to receive him personally can start this relationship.  This relationship is built one day at a time.  Just as Jesus had a choice, so do you.  Just as his father planted seeds in his heart to learn and grow.  In my opinion, you also have these seeds.  Just as Jesus had a choice, so do you.  They just need watering.  Jesus is the waterer.  A watered soul does not thirst.  It learns to thrive.  A confidence is gained from understanding and achieving life purpose.  A soldier that stands and is willing to be led by the Holy Spirit, brings trust in Jesus to help you learn how to grow.  That is all it takes.  Many try to make it more difficult than it needs to be.

This starts by reading the Bible for yourself.  You’d be surprised how many people skip this part.  But in my opinion, this is essential.  That’s like wearing a blindfold and getting in your car and driving.  More than likely, you will not be able to make it to your destination.

Personally, I believe in starting with a Bible that is easy to understand.  This is my reason for recommending, The Everyday Bible, New Century Version (NCV) by Thomas Nelson.  It is available in hardcopy, paperback, eBook, and Cell Phone Application.  Start reading wherever your interest guides you.

One of my favorite prayers to start this new beginning:

“God I know, I do wrong, forgive me for my sins, I believe Jesus died for me, and today my salvation begins.  Jesus come live with me right now.  Be my Savior and Lord.   I will follow you forever.  I chose God.”

Now take it one day at a time.  No pressures.  Continue on with life.  Let Jesus Do what He does best, Love You.

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Long-Term Disability Insurance Denials

Long-Term Disability Claims Are Often Denied
SEATTLE (ESTRA) - The days can become long after being involved in a traffic collision when injuries are sustained.  The mind is typically ready to go back in time where no pain or suffering from injury exists.  Yet, the body needs time in most cases to find its way back to recovery.  The six to eight months of short-term disability for most people allows time to accept current condition, and those who can see the end of an injury, can once again dream about restoration of perhaps a future that resembles their past, or at least forward movement.

However, people who move into the next stage of Long-Term Disability face a new set of hoops to jump through among other challenges on the average.  Some individuals come to the point of accepting current plight, yet realizing there is still more life in their future.  While others remain lost from being thrown into new situations and are still learning to navigate the tough terrain.  After all, now there are medical appointments, Attorneys, Insurance Companies, unexpected bills, loss of income, Social Security Disability, just to mention a few possible changes.  Indeed, this is a lot of things to handle. 

While most people are inexperience with being in such a situation prior to being thrown into it, one doesn’t have to learn everything through personal experience, especially since so many others have learn about living with a disability and have gained understanding on the injury process.  There is wisdom, knowledge, and support to help navigate problems. 

Intimidation May Be Use In Hopes Of Dropping Claim

Are you afraid because the future seems uncertain? This may be primary reason for enrolling in Employer Group Long-Term Disability Insurance.  Is this uncertainty even more poignant due to being sick or injured? Is very little money available to take care of expenses?  Both daily living care, medical  services, along with of course the unexpected?  Just how are you going to make it?  Now that you are not working and only receiving 60% of wages, and even at 100% of your earned income you barely were making it.  Yes, indeed this is a time for many sick and injured people to worry.  Especially if claims are being delay, denied, or flat out eliminated.  Hasn’t Congress let you down?  Why would they allow Employers to skip out on paying full benefits?  Do they really think most people would choose disability over being employed?  Do they honestly believe that most Disabled Americans are lazy?  Does this account for the larger unemployment rate among disabled than those without?  And how many Employers would do just about anything not to pay out those Long-Term Disability Benefits just to get gain robust bottom lines for their investors, throwing their Employees or typically Ex-Employees by this time under the bus?  Regardless of what facing today, don’t give up or be discouraged.  All of us fall on hard times at one period in our lives.  And guess what?  Most of us make it, even when facing “bad faith” practices, from my perspective, by those authorized to disburse Long-Term Disability Benefits.   The explanations many Employees receive about their benefits can be a marked contrast when filing for them.  Most Employees feel some level of safety and security prior to making a claim for their benefits.   However, when desperately needing money from this claim, pulling teeth from a shark perhaps would be easier.   One important factor is learning as much as possible about the process, in particularly, your rights regarding Long-Term Benefits.  Insurer’s payout ratio to those filing claims, the actual amount you will qualify for if becoming injured or sick,  who is your insurer, and how willing they are to pay out claims.

Video Record Constant Harassment

Another important factor is the integrity of your insurer.  Perhaps there have been tell-tale signs along the way.  Do they discourage employees from using benefits in their program?  If services are used more than they prefer, do they pull those items from the Employee Benefit Package?  Are cost constantly increasing each year to the point that you are barely able to keep food on the table?  Once Employees do become disabled in your company, are they supported?  Or do they look for ways to terminate this Employee? 

Also, are most Employees benefits terminated after being on Long-Term Disability after two years?  If required to apply for Social Security Disability and are denied the first time, do they continue to pay out claim?  Most people are denied SSDI on their initial request, which most Employers know.  Or do they say, you are not disabled, immediately terminate benefits, and request reimbursement for benefits received?  Yes, all these things are possible.  Did you know this?  Compassion and understanding are not always present at a time when needed most by the sick and injured.

This road can be a long hard road with little help and few resources.  Does life seem unfair to many injured or sick people?  For centuries life has not been fair, but this should not stop you from dreaming and reaching to achieve it.  In past generations, many people with disability were not permitted to participate fully in society.  And still today, they are many places where many face exclusion.  Yet many doors are open.  ADA made it so fewer public places can design buildings which hinder people with physical difficulties to enter places of business.  And, more people are aware of the impacts of exclusions on individuals and realize that when we respect each and other, and provide opportunities in an unbiased way, we can all learn from it.  Bringing unique skills to the table can provide many people a new point of view that sparks creativity, and allows new ways of not only viewing the world, but positively influence actions within it.  So consider taking it one day at a time.  Will everyone accept your strengths and weaknesses? Probably not.  But you are not in this world for them.  These types will always be there.  It is those who seek to improve their journey, to enrich the lives of those people whom they come in contact with, and to indeed make our world a better place, not just in words, but in deeds.  This is the growth that is work seeking, and you must reach for it, and hold on.  

Any Type Of Vehicles Are Used

Life can be like a roller-coaster.  And at the end of ride, realize what you can be live through, how much learned, in addition to giving and receiving.  However, getting through the process of Long-Term Disability will be a fight for the benefits deserved.  So, what can you do about the ups and downs faced through this process?  Never get too discourage.  Stay focus on efforts.  Realize sometimes things will go well, and view staying in bed as another option at other times.  Evaluate what you have learned from the situation.  Realize the companies coming up against have been in this game for a very long time.  In fact, they have made a lot of mistakes, but have learned how to perfect the approach to Long-Term Disability Claims.  Add more legal representation, money, and skilled human resource individuals who more than likely have done
this too many times to count. 

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The ESTRA Car Accident Store

Car Accident Weekly Calendar Available in White, Tan, Aqua, Brown, and Yellow.

2014 Car Accident Weekly Calendar

2014 Car Accident Weekly Calendar
ISBN: 978-0-9889218-4-9  Price: $10.59

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Journal space for describing daily condition.
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Car Accident Book & 2014 Weekly Planner Set
Car Accident Book & 2014 Weekly Planner Set
Price: $25.69

Car Accident Book by ESTRA 

Book: Car Accident by ESTRA
ISBN:  978-0-578-09530-1  Price:  $18.00

Car Accident:  Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge, & Support by ESTRA gives honest answers from personal experiences of being injured.  Begin to recognize through your own eyes manipulation first hand page by page.  What can you do with this information? Use this wisdom to increase your chances of a fair settlement.
ESTRA’s experience comes from dealings with Insurance Companies such as USAA, Geico, Pemco, Progressive, & Farmers.  Health Care providers include Premera, Blue Cross, United Healthcare & Medicare, plus, Disability Insurances such as Lifewise Assurance Company and Social Security. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a Minor in Computer Science, and Certification in Construction Management. ESTRA also ran her own Relocation Company.  Today, ESTRA resides in Washington State, and advocates for the elimination of insurance or self-insured employer harassment and intimidation against people injured in car accidents.

Need Assistance In Ordering?  Have Additional Store Questions?  Make Your Comments Here. 
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Should Public Harassment Be Legal?

When Harassers Interferes With Activities, It Is A Problem.

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - A couple weeks ago, I attempted to attend a concert.  We left early enough to find parking and comfortably get to our seats.  But, I wouldn’t make it inside. Why?  Harassers took the close parking spots in an effort to hinder my ability to reach concert.  Most people with a disability will be unable to walk long distances and therefore, be unable to reach their destination.  In my opinion, their goal is to discourage individuals and force them into giving up the claims.

If the sick and injured give up, harassers win, which is wrong.  The victory should go to those who paid premiums and deserve benefits in order to improve their lives.  That is the insured.  Claim Bullying is a major injustice.  Everyone should have the right to go outside and not be intimidated in an effort to force a specific action.  It’s time to reconsider the legislation that gives Auto Insurance Companies and Employers the right to harass those very people that claims may impact their bottom lines.  Power, resources, and influence should not give them the right to use their privilege to harm those in our society with less ability to defend themselves.

Would harassers do these same things to those in the upper class?  I suspect they would not.  These people have attorneys and resources to demand their claim be treated with respect and dignity.  Everyone sick or injured should be treated in this same way.  Congress, ERISA Reform would go a long way in resolving this issue.  These problems do not exist with Individual Auto Insurance Policies or Individual Employee Plans.  Only Group Plans are allowed this harassment option.  Why? Is it primarily because it is the Poor and Middle Class?  Those who do not have the means for self-protection against large corporations?

No Concert To Hear, But Harassment
From my point of view, eliminate this type of bullying tactics by legislation reforms which give Auto Insurance Companies and Employers unfair privileges to harass and intimidate while the injured are in public places.  Being out in public should not be fair game on injured people.  There is nothing just about it.   It is intimidation because of filing injury or disability claims.  From my experience, there should be a distance they need to stay away from the injured person and have a reason to be in the area. 

The trauma many people experience from being bullied in this way cause a great harm.  The constant bullying is no way for a person to have to live, when already dealing with health conditions, loss of income, and doing their best to accomplish daily activities.  You can find these harassers at the grocery store, restaurants, laundry matts, public restrooms, movie theatres, malls, concerts, banks, gas stations, any place you are, they are. 

We are better than this.  Mistreating the sick or injured just in order to harass them out of benefits they deserve, in my opinion is wrong.  Bullying them until they relinquish these benefits is even more despicable.   And forcing me to miss a concert by taking all the close parking spots is unacceptable.   Unfortunately, this is not the only cruel thing I’ve experienced at the hands of harassers, and more than likely will not be the last.

Harassment Also Occurs While Driving


Harassers Circling Injured Vehicles

Document harassment and intimidated by taking pictures and videos.  Perhaps someday soon we shall put them all together in demonstration of the abuse subjected to in public places.   In this way, maybe there will be fewer people subjected to the delays, denials, harassment, and intimidation that too many sick and injured experience. 
Book: Car Accident by ESTRA
ISBN:  978-0-578-09530-1  Price:  $18.00



) )

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Talking With Car Accident Auto Insurance Adjusters

A traffic collision can occur anytime, anywhere, or to anyone.  
SEATTLE (ESTRA) - One way to gain insight on core values of a company is to review what they look for in an employee.  How do they attract new talent?  Do they spend more time talking about their organization, their employees, or their insurer?  What is important to each organization?   In my opinion, whatever is valued by an Auto Insurance Company will be highlighted by what is emphasized in the workplace.  These core values will be reflected in the people they hire, such as Auto Insurance Adjusters, and their relationships with their clients. For example, it has been many years since I’ve interacted with the Allstate Company.  From reviewing some of their current job descriptions online, I found their past dealings with accident claims followed their core values.  That is, the importance of their clients.  And, their attempts to assess car accident damage and resolve issues on behalf of their insured quickly and fairly.  Although my dealings with Allstate involved small claims, and it was many years ago, from my perspective, the core values of how they resolved my claim was demonstrated in their current job descriptions for new talent.   I have never dealt with Allstate regarding a substantial claim, therefore, I cannot comment on how they process those claims.  But I was happy to be able to see the emphasis is place heavily on the needs of the client in their recruitment of new talent.
Recall the facts only.
Job Descriptions of Auto Insurance Adjusters may provide clues about corporate culture and how they may treat clients.  As with most situations, the more information available about an Auto Insurance Company, the easier it will be in making a decision on a company. In addition to paying premiums along with filing a claim in if involved in a car accident.  Upon review of several companies, Auto Insurance Adjuster’s Job Descriptions concentrated on merits of the organization, some on benefits of the job, and others that emphasized taking care of their clients.   While in my opinion information regarding all three of these topics are important, from my perspective, the goals of a company determines how much emphasis is placed on a client’s needs which is restoration to a pre-accident state.  Realize that most Auto Insurance Companies have automated systems which evaluate and estimate the value of a claim.  Some Carriers lean on this assessment more than others.  Yet, in most cases, initial contact after a car accident is with a Customer Service Employee that acts as an “intake interviewer” whom you share information regarding collision.  If your case is a minor fender bender, Agent may direct you to a car repair location where they can evaluate the damage to your car and recommend a repair shop, if your car is drivable.  If it is not drivable, they will send someone out to review it at the car’s location, and if part of your policy, request rental car for a week or two until repairs are completed in most cases.  It is important to review your Auto Insurance Policy.  In this way, you are aware of the assistance available and can request additional help if necessary.  In most cases, when calling insurance company, they will ask  whether you are in need of items within policy, but this is also your responsibility to know options.  In fact, this is a great time to write this information in the back of my book, Car Accident by ESTRA, so information is available in advance.  There is already enough to learn at the time of a traffic collision.  The more information readily available, the less stress encountered.  

Remember weather conditions.
If car accident is a bit more serious, typically more options are available in most policies.  And the conversation with Auto Insurance Company should still be only about the facts of your condition.  If you are getting medical treatment, a decision must be made to use your PIP on auto insurance, or your health insurance.  Pay attention to the cost of your claim.  If your Insurance Company can get better deals without reducing the quality, it may be in your best behalf to let them negotiate an item.  However, if their negotiation is done at your expense, you may want to consider all available options.  It’s important to know what you want in car repairs, the medical services if necessary, wage replacement if off work for anytime, and the outcome of this claim.   This is why it is important to realize what actions are necessary if involved in a traffic collision.  Your conversations with an Auto Insurance Adjuster will be evaluated upon the knowledge you have, communication of current condition, expectations, and how much you know about your rights under current Auto Policy.  As the cost of your claim increases and or length of time case extends, in most cases, the adjuster level will go from first to senior level.

Have camera available and ready.
If the Auto Insurance Adjuster you are talking with is your Auto Insurance Carrier, hopefully, they will be working on your behalf.  However, this may depend on many factors.  First, do both or all the people involved in collision have the same insurance carrier?  Is cost of the claim viewed as more expensive than Auto Insurance Company is willing to pay out?   What is the corporate culture of the company?   And how knowledgeable and experienced is Adjuster on state laws and the claim process in general?  In many states, Auto Insurance Adjusters are licensed.  Therefore, depending on the perception and directives of their manager, in my opinion, they may be working on your behalf, or their own, or perhaps another individual involved in the claim.   This is why is it so important to write down details of each conversation,  their interest, and identifying direction they are interest in taking your claim.   If you have not dealt with an Auto Insurance Adjuster, do not leave all the expectations of this claim to them, learn as much as possible about the process.  This means learning how they should be helping you through this process.  Pay attention to any cues from them about their opinion on claim.   If you have concerns about their behavior, ask them about it.  For example, if every time you are expecting a check from them it is late, or does not show up, ask them to account for these problems.  Makes sure to stay focus on the question, and not be moved to another question.   It is important to ascertain the behavior and actions of the Adjuster regarding you claim.  If you find them lenient on the additional day or two on the rental car, or working to return you back to pre-accident condition, realize they are as eager to close this claim as you are to get on with your life. 

Don't be intimidated.
Remember, the reason for talking with an Adjuster is for help in getting back on track via car repairs, health restored, or assistance in learning to cope with a disability.   This is a professional relationship.  You have insurance in case some unexpected event happens that prevents or limits daily activities.  The Adjuster’s goal is to help restore you to this point at the least cost.  A level of satisfaction which meets the agreements in your Auto Policy, and reasonable expectations.   This Adjuster should be there to assist you, but always acknowledge, they work for the insurance company and therefore their first priority is not you.  Again, their first allegiance is to the company.  You must always be your best advocate in this situation, even when an Adjuster is treating you with respect, dignity, and promptly managing you claim.  From my perspective, the key to this relationship is realizing  the purpose of claim and working towards getting problems resolved equitably.  

Your State Insurance Commissioner has documentation on the record of Auto Insurance Company complaints by their clients.  Prior to signing up with Insurance Company, visit your State Insurance Commissioner's website and review  comments.  Doing research on a  company whom  in the future premiums  may be paid for years or decades is worth taking the time to evaluate how they will treat you when really needing their help.  There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than expecting assistance from an Auto Insurance Company, only to find out later that bills will not be paid, and you will end up spending years fighting them in court trying to get issues resolved.  In most cases, car accidents are difficult enough to deal with, without having to fight with an Insurance Company.  Again, it is important to take the day researching carriers.  It may alleviate a lot of suffering at a time when you need it the least. 
Car Accident Book & 2014 Weekly Planner Set
Price: $25.69

From my perspective, first impression can say a lot.  Sometimes, when injured and not feeling well, sometime one wants to second guess ones opinion.  However, from my experience, first impressions are rarely wrong.   Trust your instinct and your impressions.  Use the written communications to validate or help in evaluate where the relationship with an Adjuster may be headed.   Remember, this relationship should be built upon the facts of your claim only.  From my point of view, this is not the time to develop new friendships.  In my opinion, these are professional relationships built to resolve a problem.  In order for an adjuster to help resolved your problems, they must understand them, and be able to document in the way required by their company.  Therefore, when you provide the adjuster with a clear understanding of your circumstances, give the facts only, and where you want to be at the end of this claim, demonstrate  request is reasonable, aligned with your policy.  It will be easier to determine whether their goals and yours are moving in the same direction.  If you find more and more conflict as each conversation transpires with an Adjuster, in my opinion, perhaps it is time to Lawyer up.  Most "good faith" Insurance Companies would rather work with their clients and reduce their cost, yet, those companies preferring not to pay out claims will delay in helping you resolve issues which may actually bring additional hardships into life because of false expectations of claim resolution.  So the sooner you realize intent of the Adjuster, the sooner you can become your best advocate, and do what is in your best interest.  Yes, an accident experience can be difficult especially when not feeling well.  But do not let injuries be used as an advantage to a ‘bad faith’ Auto Insurance Company.  The most important thing in this equation is to take care of you.  Always keep this at the forefront of your mind and actions. 

Be professional in  dealings with an Adjuster regardless of their actions.  Document everything that transpires between you.  Make sure to keep it in a form that is easy to retrieve, and bring it back up to them is they don't provide requested assistance.  
2014 Car Accident Weekly Calendar
ISBN: 978-0-9889218-4-9  Price: $10.59

One of the most important things to do is be willing to address concerns with Adjuster.  Not shying away from the most difficult issues of claim, can allow for clearing up misunderstanding, or finding out sooner than later a stance an auto insurance company is taking on your claim.  One does not need to confront, yet, ask questions factually and request answers to concerns.    If not getting answers to questions, or assistance to resolve problems per Insurance Policy, it is important to seek outside help.  First, you can try to talk with the supervisor of the Adjuster.  In most cases, this resolves issues.  Different communication styles can sometimes prevent claims from moving forward.  Just the realization you are not willing to let the issue stand  can begin things moving again.   When you have expectations regarding your claim from the beginning, and they are reasonable, it becomes easier to know what  expectations to be at the end of the claim.  

Sometimes this is a straight path from start to end.  Sometimes, it is not so straight, and decisive actions must be taken.  Regardless of the route one takes, having a plan makes the process move forward.   The more knowledge and experience about Auto Insurance Claim processing, the easier it will seeing what lies ahead.   Being patient can be difficult when in world of pain.  Therefore, evaluate where you are, what you can do, and how you want to deal with this process.  Outside help can make a difference, so if feeling like you need more information or help, do not be afraid to reach out.   There can be a lot of twists and turns, and a little help can go a long way sometimes.  Just make sure you are making request to organizations that typically do not work closely with carriers.  Otherwise, this may make the journey longer than shorter, from my experience.
Book: Car Accident by ESTRA
ISBN:  978-0-578-09530-1  Price:  $18.00

Make sure to review all available options on how to proceed by reviewing your policy.  Most times, accident victims have not spent the time learning about the policies.  Although, in my opinion, the person writing the policy typically has the upper hand, it is still important to know its content.

If ending up spending too much time fighting with Auto Insurance Company rather than getting better, you might want to consider taking care of yourself first, and wait for a better time to address concerns.  Finances usually play a role in this decision, yet, health is just as important, it is indeed a hard balance equation.

Choosing whether to write, call, or use Auto Insurance Company online website depends not only on how comfortable you are with them, but also their response time and your need to get an issue resolve.   From my perspective, different Insurance Companies have different preferences.  Again, document everything.  Everything they do or don’t, everything that is said, along with the end results of each action.  Developing a time line of conversations and actions help see what has been done, and the direction claim is going.  Not only can you see progress but also how they are helping you get there. 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

COBRA, Obamacare, Medicare, & You

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Medical Services are more important when you need them.  Medical Bills can grow rapidly into a payment higher than most mortgages.  Wages and monthly income can dry up faster than a desert. 

Accident Victims Need Healthcare
And what can send these cost skyrocketing?  Yes, a Car Accident.  What happens when ending up being out of work longer than affordable?  Income decreases due to loss wages.  Typically most benefits do not cover 100% of lost income. Unfortunately, monthly bills are not adjustable and after an injury, more dollars are going out than coming in, which means more stress, less options, and difficult decisions to make. 

Would COBRA, Obamacare, or Medicare allow an injured person to keep more money in pocket as well as providing adequate and quality medical services?  Which one offers the best security of holding on to your policy when loss of job occurs, and/or benefits are denied?  Cost often plays a major role in this decision for most people injured or not.  At some point in life, most people will end up in one of these policies.  Do you know what to expect?  Which one is most beneficial?

Someone else is taking over your job, not because you or employer wanted it to happen this way, but circumstances prevailed.  So what are your healthcare options?   Before Obamacare, there was only COBRA.  One of the most expensive benefit packages around, in my opinion.  How many employees are able to afford to pay the same amount employers do for benefits?  How about you? For injured, this is definitely a rock and a hard place.  First of all, by this time, many people have gone through sick leave, and any other benefits available, including most of their saving if having any in the first place.  Yes, this can be a very dark moment on the journey.  In most cases, there is no time to waste, one must figure out how to survive going forward. 

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Most injured need medical coverage and cannot received the help needed without it.  So many, bit the bullet, and indeed it’s a big one when you chew off signing up for COBRA.  And, if family members are on your policy only, this may be a world of financial hurt.  Therefore, when evaluating this as an option, make sure to evaluate any alternatives.  In my opinion, it’s almost like being penalized for becoming injured.  Hopefully, in the future, a way to removed such a heavy burden on sick or injured people will evolve.  It’s a weight in my opinion that is unnecessary and adds tremendously to the financial suffering of people signing up for it.  Eventually, in most cases, the injured will run out of money using COBRA  benefits, and from my perspective be worse off than initially because most use up their few resources attempting to hold on to benefits, only to loose them in the end. 

If currently enrolled in COBRA, a better alternative may be Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.  Most sick or injured typically are paying out a great deal of income or benefits received on their health, which perspectively speaking, doesn’t leave much for daily living.  Anything that can be done to help reduce this expenditure, typically improves the quality of life when hurt in a car accident.
Therefore, when employer present you with job exit options, make sure to explore alternatives carefully and the impact not only at this time, but the impact on future income and expenses. 

Watch Out For Harassment
From my perspective, the reason we have Obamacare is due to the large number of people without healthcare.  This became a benefit most could not afford without a job which kept sick people trapped in positions in order to obtain required care.  Who benefited from such an arrangement?  Some mazes are designed in my opinion, to keep the status quo.  Fortunately, in healthcare, people do have more options than COBRA, going without it, or having it tied to employment. 

I’d like to quote information regarding the reasons for the creation of the affordable healthcare Act from the website under healthcare-overview consumer rights, quote:

                On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, putting in place comprehensive reforms that improve access to affordable health coverage for everyone and protect consumers from abusive insurance company practices. “

When over 3 million citizens sign up for Obamacare, it is an indication a change long overdue.  This is Americans taking actions to improve their health when giving the opportunity.  Just imagine what could be accomplished if the many monopolies currently holding our company back are removed?  Is a Bill of Right for Customers for Telecommunication Companies next?  Is Comcast acquiring Time Warner improving the circumstances of citizens or just increasing an already large enough bottom line?  How would purchasing Time Warner help you?  Are these companies’ mini NSA organizations?  Where are they leading us?  Are you paying attention regarding the future? Tomorrow’s generation is depending on our actions.
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The new Affordable Care Act laws puts consumers back in charge of their health care. Under the law, a new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” gives the American people the stability and flexibility they need to make informed choices about their health.  Perhaps it is time for this to occur in other major sectors in today’s society. 

First, I’d like to make sure we are on the same page by quoting each portion of Medicare as define by SSA website, quote: 
                Medicare is the U.S. government's health insurance program for people age 65 or older. Some people under age 65 can qualify for Medicare, too. They include those with disabilities, permanent kidney failure, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  Medicare helps with the cost of health care. It does not cover all medical expenses or the cost of most long-term care. The program has four parts:
  • Part A is hospital insurance
  • Part B helps pay for medical services that Part A doesn't cover
  • Part C is called Medicare Advantage. If you have Parts A and B, you can choose this option to receive all of your health care through a provider organization, like an HMO.
  • Part D is prescription drug coverage. It helps pay for some medicines. “
Medicare has been a successful program for many people enrolled in Social Security Disability after a car accident.  Most require regular visit to the doctor.  Yet, some do not.  From my perspective, the savings this program is seeking is happening due to Obamacare enforcing accounting practices that better track the cost and use.  Many of the concerns with cost, from my perspective, are not coming from the injured, but the system’s structure.  Perspectively speaking, it is nice to see someone not blaming the victim.  Yet, in my opinion, one still needs to consider the risk and rewards of using Medicare versus Obamacare.  For example, the Social Security Administration regularly reviews disability cases.  And unfortunately, not all offices quality of work, is not the same.  Therefore, many people have lost Medicare and had to go without care.  The loss of benefits and medical care can be catastrophic for injured.  So can you really trust this as an option to be there?  What about Congress Republicans attempting to place the money in Wall Street instead of with the 99%?  And will the remaining Senators and Representatives stand up for fair and equitable treatment of social security claimants?
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The burden of being injured or sick, again, is no small matter, especially when adding daily trials, tribulations, and in most cases lack of resources.  Yet, from my perspective, the important thing to do is all that you can.  Becoming discouraged defeats your purpose in getting better and putting life back on track.

The burden of being injured or sick, again, is no small matter, especially when adding daily trials, tribulations, and in most cases lack of resources.  Yet, from my perspective, the important thing to do is all that you can.  Becoming discouraged defeats your purpose in getting better and putting life back on track.

One must consider the overall picture in recovery, and only you have the authority to set path direction.  It will be your determination and will that will get you to a desired destination.  However, medical care is a very important in getting there. 

There may be many obstacles to overcome and stressful situations must be placed in check.  However, taking small steps, refusing to give up, accepting setbacks, and forward moves as part of the process will help.  Take time and review all options.  Make choices work for you.  Perfection is rarely found, but a workable solution can be. 

Also, do not be hindered by harassers visiting your physicians, or anyone else assisting in your journey.  Let their agony be with them, stay the course of becoming better, and restoring life in ways that make days a personal success. Yet, keep those cameras rolling. Documentation of harassment and intimidation is important.

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